OUR STORY – Coty is a world leader in beauty and home to an illustrious roster of cosmetic, skincare and fragrance brands. And our company has a mission: to challenge the definition of beauty, to encourage authenticity and celebrate diversity. Because to us at Coty, beauty isn’t about conforming to somebody else’s ideal. It’s about inclusion and liberating everyone to shine in their unique way.

François Coty
François Coty helped to establish the modern luxury beauty market as we know it today


François Coty helped to establish the modern luxury beauty market as we know it today.  In 1904, he set out to revolutionize the fragrance industry and reinvent the perfumer’s fragrance palette. He was creative and determined in his pursuit – ‘accidentally’ breaking a bottle of his first fragrance, La Rose Jacqueminot, on the sales floor of a Parisian department store while attempting to convince the manager to carry his brand. The intoxicating scent filled the room, attracting passing shoppers who quickly emptied him of his supply. Within weeks, La Rose Jacqueminot could be found all over Paris, and the Coty name was firmly established in the world of French fragrance. Coty’s focus on craftsmanship, high-end packaging, and creative marketing strategies infused the brand with a sense of elegance and excitement, and ultimately changed the way beauty products were produced, sold, and consumed around the world. Among Coty’s many contributions to the industry are early fragrances L’Origan and Chypre, the introduction of which established an entirely new scent category, as well as the worldwide bestselling Air Spun face powder.

« Give a woman the best product you can make, present it in a perfect bottle of beautiful simplicity and impeccable taste, ask for a reasonable price, and you will see the birth of a business the size of which the world has never seen. »

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