Maurice Guillaux centenary commemorations

The centenary commemorations enter their final phase…

In 2014, thanks to the wonderful co-operation of many people, his airmail flight was re-enacted – the most spectacular such event in Australia – and on a shoestring budget – details of the budget, and our total finances, are here

The records of Maurice’s time in Australia are finalised, and we hope to put permanent records of his activities in relevant places.

For newcomers…

French pilot Maurice Guillaux was in Australia for 203 days in 1914. He was one of Australia’s great aviation pioneers:

  • He flew Australia’s first air mail and air freight from Melbourne to Sydney on 16-18 July 1914.
  • He gave aeronautical displays throughout south-eastern Australia, with aerobatics that had never been seen before in Australia: hundreds of thousands of people watched his displays; for many, his was the first aircraft seen.
  • He was the first person to fly a seaplane in Australia.
  • His aircraft has been preserved at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, and is one of the world’s aviation treasures..

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